Bearing Lock Nuts

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With a nylon insert that grips your threaded shaft or spindle without damaging the threads, these locknuts—sometimes called shaft nuts—keep bearings, bushings, gears, and pulleys in place. They won’t shake loose from vibration. However, their nylon insert also means you shouldn’t use these locknuts in applications with high temperatures. Their sides are slotted, so you can tighten and loosen them with a spanner wrench. To reduce the total size and weight of your assembly, they have chamfered edges.

All meet international standards for bearing locknut dimensions.

Carbon steel locknuts are strong and wear resistant. Zinc-plated steel locknuts have an outer layer of zinc that prevents the steel from rusting in wet areas. Compared to stainless steel, they're stronger, more wear resistant, and less costly, but not as corrosion resistant. Avoid exposing them to salt water and chemicals. 303 stainless steel locknuts are nearly as strong as carbon steel but won’t rust in outdoor, washdown, and other corrosive environments.

When choosing your thread spacing, consider the precision of your application. The finer the threads, the more control you have when making adjustments.

Timken N-064 Bearing Lock Nuts

0.018 kg 20 mm
19.4 kN G 18x24x3

Timken N-048 Bearing Lock Nuts

160 kN 19.6 kN
112 mm 67.5 mm

Link-Belt AN-40 Bearing Lock Nuts

330 0.3 mm
29 mm 2 mm

Timken AN-36 Bearing Lock Nuts

132 kN 311 mm
1000 r/min 10.8 kg

NTN AN26A Bearing Lock Nuts

100 N/mm² 22 mm
9.5 N·m 18 mm

Dodge 460902 Bearing Lock Nuts

35 mm 20 mm
7 ° 330

NTN KM0 Bearing Lock Nuts

146000 N 156000 N
3900 rpm 62.00 mm

NTN AN22 Bearing Lock Nuts

2749.95 g SNW 138x7
173 kN 4.763 mm

Whittet-Higgins BHS-19 Bearing Lock Nuts

0.3 mm 0.046 kg
35 mm 40 mm

Dodge 66041 Bearing Lock Nuts

8500 rpm 1.00 mm
12000 rpm 52.0000 mm

Dodge 66017 Bearing Lock Nuts

89.789 mm 48.419 mm
2 x 1-8 UNC 73.8 kN

Dodge 60490 Bearing Lock Nuts

140 mm 86.4 mm
3 mm 77 mm