Ball Bearing Cartridges

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In the  industry, cartridge bearings refer to a bearing assembly that can be entirely removed and replaced into the component such as a hub or bottom bracket. Traditionally, each bearing
assembly in a hub would consist of four separate components; a cup, a cone, a retainer and balls. Each of these components (with the balls being held by the retainer) would be assembled as individual parts and then adjusted with nuts and threaded axles on a hub or spindle assembly. Cartridge bearings replace this four component assembly with one complete unit that is sealed with rubber seals. A radial cartridge bearing consists of an inner and outer race, a retainer holding the balls and then two seals to keep the grease in and the elements out. There is no adjustment feature for these bearings as they are made with internal clearance or play. They are typically mounted by pressing them into a bore, such as both sides of a hub flange, and then a slip fit axle is run through with stops behind the inner race of each bearing. Nuts or top caps lock the bearings and axle into place. Again, there is some internal play when they are tightened down. When the bearings wear out or they get rough or contaminated, they can be removed entirely for servicing or replacement.

AMI KHRRCSM203 Ball Bearing Cartridges

90 mm 161 mm
48.7 mm 34.92 mm

AMI KHRRCSM202 Ball Bearing Cartridges

Steel Single Row
Punching Radial

AMI UEC212 Ball Bearing Cartridges

Radial T2

AMI UEC208 Ball Bearing Cartridges

Available No
Round Type Flange Type

AMI UEC211 Ball Bearing Cartridges

50 No
31500 Steel

AMI UEC207 Ball Bearing Cartridges

300 mm 32.6 mm
90 mm 149 mm

AMI UCLC209 Ball Bearing Cartridges

No Take-Up Type
For Heavy Load 6

AMI UCLC206 Ball Bearing Cartridges

Bearings with Housin 6
7 Days Available

AMI UCLC212 Ball Bearing Cartridges

17800 J7
40 Standard

AMI UCLC205 Ball Bearing Cartridges

95 mm 54.2 mm
111 mm -20 °C

AMI UCLC202 Ball Bearing Cartridges

M6x1 21.45 mm
34 mm 15 mm

AMI UCC202 Ball Bearing Cartridges

31 mm 19.5 kN
12mm 83 mm